Welcome to Exuviance®

Our motto: Don’t wait, start to Rejuvenate!

We believe small steps today, are the foundation for younger, healthier-looking skin in the future.

We are here to help you prevent + rejuvenate your visible skin concerns, through our superior science and high-performance ingredients.

The brand that you are used to and love but with a look uplift!

Our Story

  • Exuviance was founded by fearless pioneers in dermatological skincare who said YES to the journey of unlocking cutting-edge science. It was their mission to create revolutionary formulas and technologies that would enhance skin health for everyone.
  • From leading skincare discoveries such as the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Polyhydroxy Acids and the first AHA Peel, their findings led to over 100 patents and publications.
  • Today we proudly continue to collaborate with diverse dermatologists to develop high-performance formulas that work with your skin to bring you visible results.

Our Mission

  • At Exuviance, we understand your skin health plays a significant role in your total well-being and we are here to empower you throughout your skincare journey whether you’re just beginning or an experienced beauty aficionado.
  • Our goal is to elevate your daily skin routine into a self-care ritual that helps you address aging-related concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, post-acne marks, skin sagging, and dark spots from sun damage.
  • We believe small steps today, are the foundation for younger, healthier-looking skin in the future. Our team is committed to helping you embrace the skin that you are in through prevention and rejuvenation to reveal radiant, smooth, visibly firm skin.

Our Formulas and sku range

  • Our innovative formulas encourage healthy skin renewal through exuviation – the shedding of surface cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.
  • We meticulously select high-performance ingredients blended at the optimal pH to deliver maximum efficacy to address the needs of a range of skin types and tones. Never compromising, on what is best for your skin!
  • new retail eye catchy packaging you can that you can take a further look at in the catalogue attached to this email
  • Wide range of luxury products of over 43 sku to cover all skin concerns and lead in antiaging and skin care
Our Other


Our product range exceeds over 200 items imported from:



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